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Our Mission: Providing you with scaffolding services at top speed.

Creating a safe working environment on every job is Columbia's #1 priority for every team member and their family.

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Our customers job requirements - maintenance, new construction, outages or turnarounds. Columbia is committed to providing experienced personnel...

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Our priority is timely service and quality equipment — Columbia is committed to an expedited process for optimal productivity to exceed ...

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Columbia Scaffolding Services
Delivering Safety and Productivity on Time!

At Columbia we know every second counts, which is why we offer high-quality scaffolding services that are performed safely and efficiently.

Whether it's estimates, delivery or field support, Columbia's experienced staff works to meet our clients' expectations while maintaining our No. 1 priority of safety. Columbia Scaffolding is a full service scaffolding contractor servicing all industrial complexes along the Houston ship channel and surrounding areas.

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